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Get Staked HogWild's social, safe environment has made it the place for ladies to play poker online. You can win cash and entries into major live tournaments! On HogWild, you can play Texas Hold'em in leagues against other women, or go beat the boys in our ring games and tournaments. Come on ladies. Click download at the top of this page, create an account now and get started!

Get to know one of the major organizations in Women's poker...

HogWild was designed to give you lots of choices about selecting who you play poker with, and it's no surprise that the industry leader in women's poker has built a community on HogWild. So if you're a woman who enjoys free poker in a competitive setting, we recommend you join this growing league today:

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High Heels Poker Tour - HHPT is a U.S. Poker Tour based in Coconut Creek, FL. High Heels Poker Tour plays Mondays and Tuesdays at 9 ET.

The BvG600- There’s a new monthly battle of the sexes over at HogWild and HHPT is now officially the better half. Our schedule their remains the same (Mondays and Tuesdays @ 9 ET), but in this new team-style competition, there’s $600 up for grabs -- plus a full month of bragging rights.

The only way women can qualify for the BvG600 is through HHPT’s league on HogWild, where the top 25 players at the end of the month will compete against the top 25 boys. The highest finishing 10 players from the winning team will cash, and the overall top finishers from each team will each get $50. Register now for all of the games & do us proud!

Here's what women players are saying about HogWild:

Traci T (traci1961) - “At HogWild Poker I have finally found a poker site where the people are friendly, helpful and respectful of each other as players. Offering a variety of games, whether it be one of the many women’s games or the mixed leagues I truly feel at home.”

Susan C (BSO_Susan) - "HWP is the first site I have ever seen that offered tournaments with prizes specifically for women! The poker world is a male dominated field and typically "Ladies" tournaments are few and far between. In most tournaments, it is not as common to see women at the top, so to be able to play in tournaments that acknowledge the great female poker players out there, is quite refreshing.

“In just a few short months, I have won some amazing prizes such as a Staking package, a Cruise Voucher and a Victoria's Secret gift card from the Women's League specifically, and engaged in some great poker play with some fine lady players out there. Each tournament, the field gets larger, so please keep up the opportunities for the ladies as we ladies sure do appreciate that HogWild Poker Leagues acknowledges that we, too, have skills on the felt!"

Suzanne A (capealadin) - "Finally! A site that showcases women poker players! Warm, welcoming, well-run, rewarding. It's Hog Heaven!!!"