www.HogWildPokerLeagues.com is a website developed by Amber Platform Technologies, LLC for the sole purpose of recreating the “social” aspects of online poker in a competitive league atmosphere. Our unique table environment powered by state of the art communication technology, including live voice communication at each table, provides a playing experience for you and your league members that is completely unique to the online gaming industry. Each League is provided its own unique league website which enables you to control who you play with, when you play, and manage all communication between your league members.

www.HogWildPokerLeagues.com provides its services free of charge. It is not a gambling site. Each player accepts our Terms and Conditions that, among other items, affirms that they will comply with all Federal, State and Local laws which govern game playing in their area. Any player that is found breaking the Terms and Conditions between www.HogWildPokerLeagues.com and the player will be immediately removed and will no longer be able to participate.

Play with your Friends. Banter back and forth. Beat your friends and show them who the real Poker aficionado in YOUR League is!

Have Fun!

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